A solid foundation is not arguable when it comes to any construction. It is a critical aspect, and you must be careful when choosing the appropriate foundation type. For today’s topic, we will be discussing helical piles against concrete. Either can provide optimal support and stability to your structure; however, both have their pros and applications. Let’s start by answering the question, “Which one will you choose?”.

What are Helical Piers?

They are basically large screws which can be plunged into the ground below to create support for the structure. Through the sheer force of being anchored into the ground, they are able to create a solid and secure foundation.


To start, helical piles can be installed without caring whether they are up above, whereas concrete requires clear weather. Furthermore, for those who don’t have to clear the surrounding area for their installation, this can also make it possible to install helical piles in areas with limited access. Moreover, their easy installation also means that their removal is easier and can be placed elsewhere.


You can find a use for helical piles when constructing—residential decks, homes, carports, cottages, or commercial buildings, guardrails, cell phone towers, and much more.

What is Concrete Footing?

This is a very traditional option and the first one that comes to mind when thinking about creating a foundation. The process of concrete footing starts by digging a hole and filling it up with concrete, creating a footing. The size of the footing can vary with the size and weight of the structure created above it.


If you are extending your home with a basement, a new room must be added. However, to avoid sinking in the future, experts recommend using concrete and helical piles in combination for additional structure support. Lastly, concrete is well known, making it available to all contractors in your area.


Given its widespread availability and popularity, concrete’s applications are boundless. It is used in all manner of residential construction, such as decks, sheds, small garages, and small additions.

Which one to choose?

Where helical piles have their pros and application, as do concrete. So, how do you choose? The right foundational option depends on several out factors—such as height and weight of project, the soil in the area, environmental conditions, budget, and its accessibility. In most cases people usually will think of concrete as their first choice. However, the majority when choosing helical piles, will never go back to concrete.

When talking about the cost, then concrete is a cheaper and more readily available option. On the other hand, the cost of potential repair or replacement will outweigh the price difference. Concrete is also well known for shifting, cracking, and breaking down over time.

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