Decks blur the boundary between outside and inside living spaces, from mere outdoor platforms to evolving home extensions. This transition has been fueled by the constant release of innovative ideas that offer homeowners greater opportunities for upgrading their backyards into personal havens. In this blog, you’ll find some of the 2024’s deck design and material trends.

Embrace multi-functionality

There are no longer one-size-fits-all deck designs. Instead, contemporary architecture designates different areas around such landscape features. Can you imagine a dining area with a fire pit? On other days, it can be used as a sun lounger. More so, multi-level decking captures attention and creates more space for storage or private hot tubs.

Sustainable Savvy

The concern for global warming has indeed made eco-friendly materials important in construction. Some of these options include composite decking boards made from recycled plastic, reclaimed wood, or responsibly sourced tropical hardwoods.

Moreover, these materials are durable, have low maintenance requirements, and are environmentally friendly, which resonates with the green revolution inside homes today. Deck contractors also install indigenous plants and water to capture infrastructure as they strive to harmonize decks with nature.

Material Mashup

Many people prefer mixing different materials on their decks rather than using just one type throughout. For instance, using composite floors combined with silver steel balustrades or even natural stone slabs that form borders along your walkways will do a great job, too. So, beautifully combine patterned PVC and timber flooring to differentiate separate parts of your porch according to its purpose while guided by considerations like finances, serviceability, and originality.

Lighting Up the Outdoors

Decks are no longer just for daytime use but can now be lit up at night, offering elegant spaces. Hanging string lights overhead brings out a beautiful touch of fantasy, while there is functional illumination through railings in recessed lighting or steps, among others. Also, consider solar accent lights for an eco-friendly touch and explore smart lighting systems for remote control and customizable moods.

Bringing the Indoors Out

Integrating outdoor and indoor spaces seamlessly in modern designs is important. Imagine a large folding glass door from your living room to the patio, decks that pick materials similar to what covers interior walls, or just outdoor furniture that resembles indoor ones. You will see how all this works together harmoniously.

In turn, open floor plans facilitate movement between different functional sections of any house, thereby increasing its utility space and blurring lines that demarcate the exterior from the interior.

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