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What Are Helical Piers?

Helical piers, also known as helical piles or screw piles, are deep foundation systems consisting of helically shaped steel plates welded to a central steel shaft. These piers are mechanically “screwed” into the ground using hydraulic machinery. In addition, it creates a sturdy foundation for various structures.

Can You Build a House on Helical Piers?

Helical piers give buildings durable foundations that withstand considerable stress and strain. They are especially favorable construction methods for weaker soil conditions or places where the foundations need to be deep to accommodate loose ground layers or high-water table situations. The action of the helical piers is to ease the painful transfer of the load of buildings vertically down to the more competent soil or rocky layers. Similarly, they alleviate the scary conditions below the surface.

Reasons Why People Choose Helical Piers

Versatility and Adaptability: Helical piers are designed to provide foundations for clay, sand, or loam soil construction. 

1.    Minimal Site Disruption

Unlike the existing concrete foundations, which are established by completely digging the soil and containing extended rebar curing time, helical piers are installed and fastened, disturbing the surrounding area minimally. Similarly, this excludes them from projects with urgent delivery requirements or when locations are beyond reach.

2.    Load-Bearing Capacity

Helical piers have a very high load-bearing capacity. Therefore, they are ideal for construction purposes such as houses, commercial buildings, bridges, and industrial facilities. They can resist both tensile and compressive loads.

3.    Year-Round Installation

The advantage of screw piles is that the work is not contingent on curing processes tolerant to climate conditions, leading to year-round installation processes under rain or snow. This adaptability is advantageous because it enables some escape from the effects of the weather on the project timeline.

4.    Environmentally Friendly

Helical piers, the piers of a spiral shape, create minimal impact on the soil during the installation procedure. They don’t destroy the plants and landscape, so they cause fewer environmental disturbances. Their reusability will provide an additional advantage by using fewer materials during construction, making it a greener exercise overall.

5.    Cost-Effective

Although initial installation costs may differ depending on each project’s requirements, helical piers often prove cost-effective. Engineers and contractors rely on their consistent performance and durability for long-term structural stability.

6.    Proven Performance

Vertical piers technology is renowned as the most reliable and durable when terrestrial or environmental conditions are diverse or tough. Engineers and contractors are highly dependent on the optimal performance and durability of these systems throughout the entire lifetime of the structure for its long-term functional simplicity

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