So, are you also dreaming of that fantastic looking outdoor space with an adorable pergola gracing your patio? That’s an amazing thought! Before you go deep in your thoughts and imagine yourself sitting in its cool shade having a fancy drink, you must know there is a whole installation project. You might be thinking how long it takes to install a pergola. Right? Here you go! This guide is all about the breakdown of the factors that can affect a pergola installation time. Keep reading and sit back with your iced latte to know more about the time span. 

Factors Affecting Pergola Installation Time

Before you hire someone to transform your outdoor space into an aesthetic pergola, you must first know the time it will take. Following are some factors that will affect the duration of installing a pergola which will help you estimate the time frame. 

DIY vs. Professional Installation

Taking on DIY projects yourself can be quite fulfilling, but it does require patience. Novices can experiment with tools and instructions for one to three days. Skilled do-it-yourselfers may be able to finish it in a long weekend. Hiring skilled workers demands quick thinking and experience. Building a pergola typically takes one and a half to two days; however more intricate designs could take a day or two longer.

Pergola Size and Complexity

The bigger and complex you want your pergola to be, the longer it will take the task to get done. If you want to build a small and cozy one with the size 10’ x 10’, it might take a day only to install. But if you want a medium sized pergola of 16’ x 16’, it will take 2 to 4 days when it comes to DIY, less if it’s by a professional. Large pergolas (think 20′ x 20′ or more) become multi-day projects, with DIY stretching to 4 days or more and professionals taking 2-3 days. 

Material Selection

The material selection may also have an impact on speed. The main focus of pre-cut and pre-drilled pergola kits is efficiency. Compared to custom pergolas, these can usually be installed far more quickly. Wood is a common choice, but it takes longer to install because it needs to be cut, drilled, and assembled. Pergolas made of vinyl and aluminum can be assembled more quickly than those made of wood since they sometimes come in prefabricated sections.

Site Preparation

There are moments when more than just the pergola matters. Installation times can be considerably increased by surrounding structures that are already in place, uneven terrain, or concrete foundations for support. It can take a few more days for the concrete to cure after pouring the base before the pergola assembly can start.

Are You Ready To Bring Your Pergola Dream To Life?

Installation of pergolas isn’t just about fixing the backyard; they are a whole extension to your lifestyle. You must build it in a way where you can sit and feel like to relax and unwind. At MSG Post Hole Diggers, we offer pergola building service beyond just constructing it ordinarily. We emphasize on crafting a unique and functional space for our clients. Contact us today to book your slot. 

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