Pergolas have been standing tall in gardens and protecting leaves since the dawn of mankind. It is considered to be the oldest garden structure, crafted from an assortment of materials—such as wood, stone, or brick. With pillars supporting a roof made of flat planks with space between them. They provide shade in the backyard and garden spaces, or along a walkway. Usually, they are on their own, but sometimes they can be connected to other buildings or a decorative backyard element to extend your living space. 

Do You Want One?

Say you have decided to place a pergola in your backyard? If you are determining the purpose of pergolas, whether as a coy place for dining or a place for your entertainment zone. Once you have decided on a plan, the next step is figuring out the size, shape, and type of material for construction.

What Type of Material Should I Choose?

There are a variety of materials used for constructing pergolas, of course, the most traditional one being cedar wood or redwood. While wood is a choice for many due to its rustic feel, it also requires a good amount of maintenance. By regularly staining or painting, after which it is sealed to protect it against insects and elements. Moreover, there are other choices you can pick from that are also low maintenance. These can include aluminum, steel, fiberglass, or cellular PVC. Stone or concrete pergolas have the longest lifespan.

What Design Should I Choose?

There are many styles and designs to choose from, and you can also choose different components from different designs to make your own unique style. Furthermore, if you are thinking of extending the pergolas from the side of your home seamlessly, you may be required to get special permits or else be subjected to additional taxes. Now moving on to the structure of the pergolas, since you can have more free hands in this department, you should be more careful. Keep in mind that a pergola should add to your house’s overall aesthetic. For example, if you have a small house, installing a large pergola will dwarf your home, whereas you wouldn’t choose a sleek, steel pergola for a traditional saltbox home.

What kind of shade should I go for?

Looking at a traditional pergola roof, you might think that it doesn’t provide noteworthy shade, but you will be wrong. The spaced planks are known to provide optimal shade; however, it might also depend on the climate of where you live. Furthermore, you are always allowed to add your own style on the roof for your preferred kind of shade, such as shade cloth, steel panels, drapes, and sails. 

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