Pergolas are one of the hottest trends you might have seen online. They can even add style to outdoor spaces. They can add shades, aesthetics, and a perfect touch of “wow” to your backyard. But whenever you think of installing a pergola, a question that might have arisen would be how much it will cost. Right? Building your dreamy structure of a pergola can be heavy on your pocket if you are not well aware of the cost breakdown of the process. This blog will discuss the cost of building vs. buying a pergola, which will help you decide your route. 

Building a Pergola: Cost Breakdown

Planning to build your pergola can be rewarding, but you must first know the factors that affect the cost. Following is what you would want to consider:

Material Matters: The pricing is significantly influenced by the kind of material you select. Although wood is a timeless material, costs might differ based on the type (pressure-treated wood is a common choice) and changes in the market. Pergolas made of vinyl and aluminum cost more money initially than those made of untreated wood, but they require less upkeep over time.

Tool Time: Building a pergola requires specific tools. You must choose whether to purchase or rent the necessary tools, such as spirit levels, drills, and saws. Of course, these expenses can be very low if you’re an experienced do-it-yourselfer with a well-stocked toolkit.

Permits and Inspections: Planning approval may be required depending on your location and the size of your pergola. Inspection fees are typically required for these permits. Check with the local building authority to determine if this applies to your project.

Helping Hands: While you may build a pergola by yourself, having help will expedite the process and offer invaluable support. If you decide to go this way, take labor costs into account.

Buying a Pre-Made Pergola: Cost Considerations

Premade routes definitely come with a lot of congestion, but it is really, very important to understand the cost behind them. Prepared pergola kits are available in different price ranges, depending on complexity and size. A basic 10’ x 10’ kit will be much cheaper than the larger one, with an intricate design alongside bells and whistles. Besides just size, it can also depend on the weight of the pergola, which can pass into your pergola kit cost. Even if you are buying a pre-made pergola, you might need professional help to install it. This hiring can add up to your overall cost in the end.

Build a Pergola Paradise with MSG Post Hole Diggers

Whether you crave convenience or are a DIY enthusiast, MSG Post Hole Diggers is here to serve you with the pergola installation or building. Our team of expert professionals ensures you build a strong foundation and extend your lifestyle in luxury. Regardless of your construction route, you can discuss your project dreams and expectations beforehand. Contact us today to get a free quote and consultation. Let us transform your backyard into a beautiful living oasis!

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